Do you want to sponsor our robot team?


Hi there we're team GentleBotz. Before we are going to talk about sponsoring, we will tell you a little about ourselves. We are a team of 10 people: 2 first years, 5 second years and 3 third years participants, based in at the Newmancollege in Breda. Our team builds its own robot to participate in an international competition called First Tech Challenge (FTC). It is a small robot that can complete certain tasks to score points. Last year we went to the Aviano invitational tournament in Italy and the Dutch Open. We'll tell more about that later. We work hard to reach our goals but the most important is the good atmosphere. We often order pizza to eat it with each other and do other amusing things during the time we are at FTC. In order to build a robot and travel to competitions we need some financial support. We would like to ask you if you are willing to sponsor us? Let us give you our reasons why we think it's interesting for you to sponsor us.

Former years experience

After our Aviano adventures last 2 years we want to experience it a third time. Last year was the second FTC year. We went absolutely mental when we heard that we were again invited for the Aviano tournament. We really liked the tournament and especially the atmosphere was really impressing. We got to know loads of other people and teams. Our competitive performance was better than we could even think about. In the first year we won the final and we received the winning alliance award: an invitation for the USA tournament in Detroit. But as we already struggled with getting enough money for Italy, we gave that invitation to another team: What the Frog. We still talk about both tournaments every single time we work on FTC. The second time we went to aviano we also had an amazing time. We didn't win the game but had a lot of fun with the other teams and we made our robot a lot better. The Dutch Open was another contest we went to and this went really well with our improved robot, we got third!

Interaction with other teams

Last year we really enjoyed the interaction with the other teams. Especially at Aviano we enjoyed to hang around with other teams. We still have contact with some Dutch teams we met in Italy like Gears and Roses and Ulteam. We like to meet other cultures and make new friends. It was loads of fun to play basketball with other teams last year.

Teach rookie teams

In our first year we had a lot of help from the other team which started a year earlier than we did. One year ago we also helped the other teams with our knowledge we had from our first year. This year we want to help other teams ourselves more. We think we have to give through the knowledge we already have. Half of our team is leaving school after this year and we want to keep our team going. We help other teams on weekly base to skill the basics of programming, designing and building a robot. As we said earlier this document we want to have even more interaction with other teams. If we teach other teams we can build a special bond between our teams which is better for the collaboration between us and other teams. By teaching other teams we also represent the hospitality and helpfulness of FTC Europe.

High level tactics

We don't have the best robot, the best driver, the best code or the best PR team but we have the ability to read the playing field and take everything out of the possibilities. In our first year the only thing we could do was drive. We could only score points by lighting the beacons and pushing the cap ball in autonomous. And every game we reached the full 55 points we could. We didn't have much possibility to score points but by reading the game we could score points. We also made very good arrangements with our alliance partners. We made sure we helped them as much as we could and that we both received the maximum possible points. This year we already have a new game plan and we are building toward our plan with our robot. We always try to make an innovative robot design. This might not be the easiest solution, but if we can make it work it might be the best robot out there!

A goal to work towards

If we are invited we have a goal to work towards. Otherwise we only have the Dutch open to be compete with other teams. As the USA is just not in reach for us as a team, we're aiming to go to Aviano. We really like to work on our robot and team and if we can work towards a goal we will put more work in it than ever before. We will work hard to reach our goals this year. We want to be better than last years so we have a good chance of winning the tournament this time.

A trip with the team

We really want to have an amazing trip with the team again. We will never forget that experience. We had such a good time with playing games each night and making fun at the tournament at day. In the last 2 years we all became good friends and the new ones also fit really well within our team. We want to experience this another time and that is why we want to represent FTC Europe at the Aviano invitational tournament.

Our sponsors